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Hey guys, I hope all of you are doing good. I know it's been a little quiete over here. It got a lot to do with the weather which isn't really good for taking pictures lol. But I know you already know that, because I'm telling you this like all the time :P There are a lot of changes coming my way, which I didn't think or even imagined. I will tell you once they all took place, because I'm still preparing. I can tell you one thing: I am moving to BERLIN for an internship!!!! I know right? Berlin? And it's happening in two weeks already. I'm searching for a room ASAP, so if you know someone who's searching for a flat-mate, hollaaa at me please :D I will tell you where I'm going to do my internship soon soon soon. I'm still super happy I got the chance and I'm sure you will know why, when I tell you about it :D Anyyyyways, khaki on khaki huh? What do you think about this combo? I wasn't really sure at first but 1. it was way too cold to go for a better looking jacket 2. I kinda liked the combo when I tried it on 3. I know yellow, lol. I love yellow for some reason and I think it works really good with khaki. Sure I could've worn a black or grey jacket but where's the fun of staying in your comfort zone all the time, right? Can I quickly say how much I love my Air Max 95? They are  making me feel hella oldschool and I absolutely love it!!!!!
Lots of love to you guys, Amira

Pants (similar HERE or HERE)
Air Max 95 (HERE)
Jacket (similar HERE or HERE)
Top (similar HERE)

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