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Hey guys, finaaaally! This is my last holiday post. I wanted to upload it on monday, but unfortunately something very tragic happened to me. I lost my cousin. It was a very sad week for me with moments filled with tears and bad mood. But thank God, everything is getting better, day by day. Indeed, time heals wounds. I don't want to fill your pre-weekend mood with a sad story. I just want to remind you, to live your life as good as you can. Don't waste it on anything unnecessary, cut people who won't do you any good, off and be happy, because nobody knows tomorrow. I will miss my lovely cousin every day, for the rest of my life and I hope she may rest in perfect peace! I don't think I ever shared such a very personal moment with any of my social media channels, but if I could, I would like the world to know, what an amaaaaazing human being she was <3
Even though the topic and my holiday pictures might not match, I had a great time visiting the Palace of Versailles, when I went to Paris. It looks splendid. Especially the hall of mirrors. If you ever get the chance to visit this palace, you should definitely go.
A wonderful weekend to all of you and lots of Love,

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Hey guys, back at it again with one of my last holiday insights. I took these pictures in Paris at Rue Montparnasse to be exact. If you are as deeply in love with crêpe as I am, you have to visit this place in Paris. There are a lot of crêperies next to each other and trust me, choosing one is going to be a hard but awesome task. I forgot the name of the restaurant we ended up, but the crêpe there was amaaaaazing, not gonna lie. Imagine us, sitting in Paris on a warm summer evening, eating the best crêpe ever. Awesome right? It was definitely a good day to wear my floral skirt. Made me feel the Paris flair, everyone is talking about, even more. I can only wear this kind of skirt during summer obviously. So as the hot and nice weather is slowly disappearing, I already started shopping my black and grey cloths again. In case, you didn't notice, I added a shop on my blog. I will update it like every week so that you can get to know everything about my current cravings, things which are on my wish list or anything else. 
Lots of Love, Amira

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Hallo ihr Lieben, hoffe euch geht es gut. Die Sonne scheint - demnach geht es mir natürlich hervorragend :). Falls ihr euch jetzt wundert, auch ich bin erstaunt, dass ich High Heels trage. Mein Herz für Sneaker habt ihr sicherlich jetzt alle (?!) schon mitbekommen, aber hin und wieder trage ich gerne hohe Schuhe. Ich habe in letzter Zeit wirklich Schwierigkeiten Bilder für den Blog zu schießen, obwohl das Wetter so wunderbar ist. Abends fehlt mir oft die Lust oder auch einfach ein Fotograf. Umso glücklicher war ich, als meine lieben Kollegen (ihr erinnert euch, ich mache im Moment ein Praktikum) angeboten haben, Bilder von mir zu machen (Merci Gökan & Joanna :* :*). Jeder Blogger weiß wahrscheinlich, dass so ein Angebot goldwert ist! Zu meinem Look: Meine liebe zu längeren Oberteilen, lässig kombiniert mit einer Jeans, mache ich auch mit diesem Beitrag alle Ehre. Aber mein kleines Highlight ist immer noch meine Tasche. Ganz im Sinne der Chloé Faye, trage ich hier die viel preisgünstigere Variante (jetzt reduziert auf 9€, greift zu). Für die Chloé Faye und für viele andere Taschen, würde ich wahrscheinlich nicht so viel Geld ausgeben, aber auf die Look-Alike Varianten, die es mittlerweile von vielen Designer Taschen gibt, greife ich sehr gerne zurück. Was haltet ihr von Designer Look-Alike Taschen?

Liebe Grüße, Amira

Dress (HERE)* | Bag (HERE) *| Shoes (Similar HERE) | Pants (HERE) | Glasses (HERE)

*In freundlicher Kooperation mit She in & Sammy Dress.
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Hello guys, don't get confused. I'm still showing you my vacation pictures. After my last impressions from Paris, I am showing you some pictures I took in London. Don't get me wrong this is a little street right in front of the London BBC Radio Station (beautiful area). I can't believe the weather was pretty okay during our stay (no rain :)!).  We were strolling around Soho, had a good meal and took another group picture (shout out to my girls <3). Taking these pictures was more than a funny experience lol. We had bus drivers, taxi drivers, etc. thinking we want to cross the street the whole time. Some people laughed at us, some people got mad (blogger struggle lol). Sharing this with you makes me miss one of my favorite cities: London <3
Lots of Love, Amira

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