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Hey guys, its's been soo freaking long, I hope you are doing well. A lot has happened since the last time I was able to post on here. If you are following me on Instagram, you might be up to date already. I can't imagine that this used to be like my diary 6 years ago. I started blogging 6 years ago - can you imagine? Now I'm a mum and there's a whole pandemic going on, smh. Yes, you read it right. I'm a mummy, which is the main reason why I basically live in loungewear and why I'm starting the year off with this post. It gotta be comfy for me these days, I have to be able to breastfeed and to be comfortable at all times, but I do miss glamming up a lil, but then again, I wanna kiss my baby which is super uncomfortable with full face make up. Let's not forget the face mask situation outside which makes wearing make up even more useless in my opinion, lol.

I absolutely love these different loungewear sets, because it makes staying at home and quarantine life even more stylish. 

The first brown ribbed belted lounge set is super fancy in my opinion, it's something you could wear during spring to go grocery shopping with, or chill at home. You can find the brown and the grey one, which is the same type on Femme Luxe. I will link each set down below.

The grey set is my absolute favorite. The cropped sweatshirt and the pants are so very comfy and perfect for everyday. I feel like I could live in this 24/7 and it's perfect for breastfeeding, which is simply amazing. I went out for a walk in it and the loungewear set felt so cozy. Big, big recommendation <3 Same goes for the last pair of pants. I absolutely love that they are super high waisted and got some fleece material inside.

Brown ribbed belted lounge set

Grey ribbed belted lounge set

Cropped shirt and scuffed weatpants lounge set similar here

Dark grey cuffed joggers

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