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DE | Hallo ihr Lieben, ich hoffe, es geht euch soweit ganz gut. Ich kann es nicht glauben, dass wir fast zwei Wochen 2018 haben und dies mein erster Blog Beitrag ist und obendrein am 1.1.2018 mein dritter Blog Geburtstag war, den ich zum ersten Mal auch verschlafen habe, na toll. Ich habe momentan einfach so viele andere Dinge auf dem Schirm und es f├Ąllt mir ein wenig schwer alles und jedem dieselbe Aufmerksamkeit zu schenken. Ich glaube, es ist ebenfalls an der Zeit, dass ich euch  ├╝ber mein gr├Â├čtes Shopping Probleme erz├Ąhle. F├╝r vieles mag es merkw├╝rdig klingen und es ist auch f├╝r mich unbegreiflich vor allem, weil ich mich immer wieder dabei ertappe und nichts daran ├Ąndere. Ich kaufe mir konstant alle Kleidungsst├╝cke zu gro├č! Ich wei├č nicht, woran es liegt, vielleicht sehen online einige Dinge aus, als w├╝rden sie kleiner ausfallen, aber selbst die Hose, die ich auf dem Bild trage, habe ich mir in zwei Gr├Â├čen gekauft und mich am Ende f├╝r die gr├Â├čere Gr├Â├če entschieden. Diese Entscheidung bereue ich sehr im nachhinein, denn auch, wenn ich auf dem Bild eine Leggings darunter trage, sieht die Hose zu gro├č, leider irgendwie nach nichts aus, obwohl sie einer meiner liebsten ist. Falls jemand dasselbe verr├╝ckte "Problem" hat, dann meldet euch bei mir :D Meine Must Haves f├╝r 2018 sind auf jeden Fall zun├Ąchst St├╝cke, die ich aus dem letzten Jahr mitbringe. Meine kurzen und langen wattierten Jacken haben mich- und unterst├╝tzen mich weiterhin diesen Winter super zu ├╝berstehen. Ich finde sie einfach toll vor allem, weil sie diesen oversize flair haben, den ich sowieso liebe. Auf karierte Hosen stand ich schon super lange, aber da man sie nun ├╝berall finden kann, ist auch f├╝r mich die Auswahl immens gewachsen und somit m├╝ssen auch diese mit ins neue Jahr. Nike Air Max 97 sind mein absolutes 2017 Highlight. Wer mich kennt wei├č, dass Air Max normalerweise nicht wirklich zu mir passen, aber dieses old school Modell, das gl├╝cklicherweise wieder zur├╝ckgekommen ist, hat es mir unheimlich angetan, Tripple black ist mein erstes, aber wird definitiv nicht mein letzter 97er sein.
Liebe Gr├╝├če, Amira

EN | Hey guys, I hope all of you are doing good so far. This is seriously my first post in 2018. Can't believe it took me almost two weeks. I'm not going to lie, taking pictures isn't on my radar lately. But did I even mention that this is my 3rd year as a blogger now. WOW, time is indeed running fast, it's crazy how fast. Still remember my first shootings, how well-prepared I was and everything and how much changed since then. And it's time to tell you guys my biggest shopping issue. I think I never talked about the weirdest thing I do: I constantly buy items which are too big for me! I don't mean once or twice, it's already developed into a pattern. I can't even tell you why I do it, I just do. I ordered the plaid pants I'm wearing on these pictures in a smaller and in a bigger size. But for some weird and crazy reason, I kept the bigger size and now the pants look some typa way (okay, I'm wearing leggings underneath, but still lol). You know I love oversize looks, but sometimes I don't know, it's just a weird habit of mine. I don't know if there's anyone out there who's doing the same, but if there is, reach out to me lol. Anyways lol, my whole look is a total must have for 2018 in my opinion. Padded jackets gave me life this winter. And even though Nike Air Max 97 been here for a while now, I think they should not leave and are totally welcome in 2018. The thing about plaid pants is that I always wanted some, but never found a nice one. Now that they actually came back last year, they should definitely stay as well. White socks with trainers is a combination not everyone might like, but for me it's just like a statement piece you can combine with your favorite sneakers (not with all of them though).  
Alllll love though, lol. Cheers, Amira

Pullover (HERE)
Pants (HERE)
Air Max 97 (HERE)
Socks (HERE)
Jacket (similar HERE)
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Hellooooo my lovely people, I just realized that this is the last time I'm going to say that to you in 2017. Wow, I can't believe 2017 is almost over. I feel like I wrote my 2016 review yesterday lol. Alright not yesterday, but you know what I mean.I wasn't in Germany for 4 months this year, that might be one of the reasons why I felt like the year passed by quicker than ever. So many things changed this year. I would say that I achieved a new level of personal growth. That might be a reason why it's been a little more quiete on here. My passion for love, peace and harmony reached a new level which I really love. I wasn't always a person who had a lot of patience, therefore I am more than happy that I was able to improve that side of me. I figured out quite a few things which I felt were holding me back the past years. In order to make people who are close to me feel more positive about themselves, I had to become a more positive person myself, which I thought I was, but there was a loooot of room for improvement. In order to embrace this positive side, I had to distance myself from a lot of things, and I know this might sound like some type of phrase everyone keeps on saying at the end of the year, but I was NOW able to notice what it really meant. It isn't something I was able to do for quite a long time. A part of my personal growth is that the growth happened from inside out, I didn't have to let people know, that I made certain decisions in order for me to embrace what's been holding me back. I just did it. And that's something I can recommend to each and every one of you out there, who's struggling with bad vibes. I think that's my first time telling you what was actually going on in my mind. I usually don't share intimate thoughts with the world, but there's just something I absolutely love about me being a blogger and that's that I never experience any kind of hate on my own platforms. I ONLY get positive feedback from people all around the world. It's so important for me to mention this, because people ask me this question quite often, but yeah I am more than happy about that. People take their precious time to write how proud they are and that they love what I'm doing, that's one of the best compliments you can get. And that's coming from people who never ever saw me in person. If that's not worth sharing, I don't know what is :). I've been invited to so many events this year, worked with amazing partners and the best is that I met so many amazing people and some of them turned out to be as crazy as I am, lol. I had awesome giveaways this year, and I will do a new one soon which is not going to be a part of a cooperation. Oh yeah, I know how you guys loved my first shooting, I did with my brother (did you notice we are wearing the same shoes? :D), so I thought it could be a good ending for an amazing 2017 - THANK YOU ALL ( outfit links down bellow).  All praises due to The Most High.
Big Love, Amira

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Hello guys, hope all of you are doing good. I am delighted to do a review about one of my  favorite fragrances currently: Gucci Bloom. If you are still searching for an amazing gift, I would recommend you to read this review. But let's get into details first:
Top Note: Rangoon Creeper, a plant discovered in South India that changes from white to pink and finally to red when it blooms, infuses a powdery, floral edge to the fragrance.
Middle Note: Tuberose
Base Note: Jasmine bud extract, obtained through an exclusive method of co-extraction to impart a fresh green and petal scent on the skin
Packaging: As you can see the packaging on the picture, the fragrance comes in a beautiful kind of vintage looking package with red flowers on. Gucci Bloom is written on the package in black and 
The Flacon: The pink glass flacon looks so super elegant. I don't have a similar flacon yet. It's a bit heavy which makes the flacon seem even more classy and precious in my opinion.
The Fragrance: The perfume is quite heavy, it's definitely very feminine and makes you feel grown. I love the flower scent very much it brings a happy feeling into a rainy day.
Key Information: Winner of Allure magazine's Best of Beauty award for Best Floral Fragrance 2017
Background Story: "Debuting the first fragrance developed wholly under Alessandro Michele's creative vision: a scent designed to celebrate the authenticity, vitality and diversity of women - flourishing in a natural, expressive and individual way" Gucci. 
My Opinion: I really love this fragrance. If you check out my Instagram feed (@ami.coco), you will see that flowers were my thing in 2017. I personally adore flowery fragrances as they remind me of spring and summer. But this fragrance is simply perfect for autumn/ winter due to its heaviness. As I already said it's a very feminine fragrance and it kind of reminds me of a lady who's walking past me, styled very elegant. I can definitely recommend this fragrance to you, if you love the flowery side of life as much as I do. And if you love heavy, deep perfumes, this one is for YOU!
Lots of Love, Amira
*In friendly cooperation with Flaconi <3
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Hey loves, I hope you are doing alright. It's been raining the whole day basically and I tried to stay at home and do as much as I can today (which didn't work as good as I expected, buuut okaaay lol). I am showing you an autumn kimono look today. I uploaded  quite a few kimono looks this summer and thought I had to say goodbye to them at least till spring next year, buuut I was wrong! I received this kimono and the scarf by Slam Lady and I couldn't resist trying them on NOW. Paired them up with my favorite buckle boots and et voila it looks pretty autumn-ish. I really hope there's going to be another opportunity for me to wear it this year but if not, I'm already ready for next spring *.*
Lots of Love, Amira

SHOES (similar HERE and HERE)

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Good day my lovely people. I hope all of you are doing great or at least good lol. I'm feeling much better today, so it was time for a new blog post. In this months Blogger Lookbook it's all about coats (check out the other posts, I will link the pages down below). I was always a huge fan of coats, specially big once. I love the way you can hide yourself in them, simply amazing. Somehow I've got all my statement coats from the same brand. I'm not sure about the dress I'm wearing. It made me feel very girly, and we all know I'm not really the girly girly type. But at least it's not pink, so I guess I kinda like it, lol. Hope you'll have an amazing weekend.
Cheers, Amira
COAT similar (HERE)
BOOTS similar (HERE)
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*Thanks to H&M for the coat

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Hey guys, I hope all of you are doing great out there. So winter already hit us here in Germany. It kinda arrived really quick, we had a quite sunny October ending and that was it, lol. I had a quite stressful end of the week. I went to two events and I hurt my neck as well, which is currently not so fun, because I look very bad with a ruff around my neck lmao. But it's all good, I can laugh about it (so does everyone around me too -.-). I hope your November start went quite well too. Can't believe how fast the time is running, it's just crazy. Oh and what do you think about my Off White bag dupe? I was surprised at how good it looks, not as good as the original, but perfect for a student budget.
With Love, Amira
PS: I know my pants are too big for me, I don't know why I keep buying cloths which are too big for me. That's a random fact by the way :D


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