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Hello guys, I am back in Germany but I'm still reminiscing about my time in London and Paris. I took this pictures at one of my favorite places in London: Notting Hill. I'm sure most of you watched the beautiful movie with Julia Roberts and trust me guys, this area is sooooo nice. I can honestly say, that I love this place in London. I'm in love with the white houses, the small little stores and the amazing shooting locations everywhere. I was searching for the colorful houses on Portobello Road and finding them was one of my highlights in London. I can only recommend you to go to see this place, I heard it's like a little insider tip, because there aren't as many tourists there as you may think (at least not on the day I went there lol). I had the most amazing time with my brother and my "London Squad". It's more than awesome knowing that you have good friends in another country (love you girls xx). Did you know about the colorful houses or did you even go there yourself? 
Lots of Love, Amira

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Hey guys, as you noticed my last blog post was all about me being in London for a while. Anyways, after my London trip, me and my brother already planned to take the train all the way to France and visit the beautiful city Paris. I never went to Paris, so it was definitely a first time experience and even better, because I was able to share it with my friend who's more like a sister to me. Taking the train from London was such a good idea, I can only recommend it to you guys, because it didn't take long and was cheap as well. The Eiffel Tower was pretty nice, but seeing it from a far wasn't enough for us, so we decided to go up and trust me guys, it took forever! The queue was soooooo long, I still can't get over it. The second platform is totally fine, seriously (in case you think about going all the way to the top). Other than that, it was a nice experience. Paris definitely stepped up their security after the terror attacks. There are security guards almost everywhere, especially around the famous sightseeing places. They will check your bags even in McDonald's. 
Since I got a lot of pictures from London and Paris, I thought I will post them alternately (hope that's fine with you, lol). And by the way, if you want to check up my blouse, you will find it under this link. If there is anything you want to know about my trip just let me know, otherwise I will fill you in with some details one by one. 

Lots of Love, Amira

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Hey guys, yaaaaas - I am in London since Thursday! It's not my first time in this big city, the last time I came was in January, so it's basically a place I can just go to, that's why you won't see any sightseeing pictures (sorry, if that's what you hoped for lol). This visit is all about seeing my family and friends again, which I really do have a lot of in London. As usual, I was very worried about the weather and trust me I am worried still, but it's quite sunny here and the nicest thing was that I left rainy Frankfurt and arrived in sunny London, yeeey :D. I will stay in London until Wednesday, can you guess where I am heading to after?

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Hallo ihr Lieben, ich hoffe es geht euch gut! Wer mir auf Snapchat folgt (ami.cocoo), hat eventuell die Ankündigung für mein Gewinnspiel mitbekommen. Ich freue mich gemeinsam mit The P. Cookery 3 Bastelsets an jeweils 3 von euch verlosen zu können. Ich persönlich durfte mir auf dem Hashmag Blogger Event bereits ein Armband selbst gestalten und ich liebe es! Ich trage es so gut wie jeden Tag, einfach weil es super ausschaut und weil ich die Initialen meines kleinen Neffen darauf stehen habe. Des weiteren könnt ihr unten meine weiteren Armbänder sehen, die ich sehr gerne trage. In Deutschland gibt es bereits 8 The P. Cookery Filialen, bei denen ihr eurer Kreativität freien Lauf lasst, indem ihr individuelle Lieblingsstücke gestalten könnt. 

Zum Gewinnspiel: 
Um mitmachen zu können, tragt euch bitte hier unten in den Gewinnspielgenerator ein. Mitmachen können alle die Lust haben (je mehr Lose ihr habt, desto höher ist die Gewinnspielchance ;) 

Das Gewinnspiel endet am 03.09.2016 um 23:59. Ich werde die glücklichen Gewinner am nächsten Tag bekanntgeben. Bitte beachtet, dass die Teilnahme an der Verlosung nur innerhalb Deutschlands möglich ist und der Rechtsweg ausgeschlossen ist.

Ich drücke euch die Daumen :)!

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Hey guys, this right here is my last and most favorite look I wore for the Berlin Fashion Week. And I can tell you, that these pants are more than comfortable and an eye catcher too. I really loved the fact that so many people shared my excitement about these pants, since yellow isn't a decent color. I am simply in love with bright colors or bright statement pieces during summer, even though I know yellow wouldn't be everyone's first choice, I wouldn't change it. I really had an amazing time at the Fashion Week and I can't wait for the next one. So many different people who share the same passion, all together at "one place ", was one of the most amazing events I've been to. I loved seeing other style interpretations but I still got to say that sooooo many people had the same taste or at least wore the same looks. I'm not even saying it as a negative aspect, it is just something I noticed. So to conclude my little Fashion Week resumee, it was definitely an awesome experience and I am happy I had the chance to share a little with you guys. Lol, I still want to know, what do you think about my yellow pants :D?
Lots of Love, Amira

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Hey lovelies, it's Sunday and I had a great/ lazy weekend! I absolutely love doing nothing, but who doesn't, lol? Today's look is all about my floral printed blouse. I love flowers, those who follow me on instagram (ami.coco) might have noticed. Seeing nice flowers can make me change my mood from sad to happy, because they remind me of all the beauty this world has to offer, even though so many cruel things are happening. Although I don't like blouses with prints, this one caught my heart immediately (press here if you want to shop the blouse). Do you have small reminders which makes you realize the beauty of our world?

Lots of Love, Amira

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