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Hey guys, this right here is my last and most favorite look I wore for the Berlin Fashion Week. And I can tell you, that these pants are more than comfortable and an eye catcher too. I really loved the fact that so many people shared my excitement about these pants, since yellow isn't a decent color. I am simply in love with bright colors or bright statement pieces during summer, even though I know yellow wouldn't be everyone's first choice, I wouldn't change it. I really had an amazing time at the Fashion Week and I can't wait for the next one. So many different people who share the same passion, all together at "one place ", was one of the most amazing events I've been to. I loved seeing other style interpretations but I still got to say that sooooo many people had the same taste or at least wore the same looks. I'm not even saying it as a negative aspect, it is just something I noticed. So to conclude my little Fashion Week resumee, it was definitely an awesome experience and I am happy I had the chance to share a little with you guys. Lol, I still want to know, what do you think about my yellow pants :D?
Lots of Love, Amira

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Hey lovelies, it's Sunday and I had a great/ lazy weekend! I absolutely love doing nothing, but who doesn't, lol? Today's look is all about my floral printed blouse. I love flowers, those who follow me on instagram (ami.coco) might have noticed. Seeing nice flowers can make me change my mood from sad to happy, because they remind me of all the beauty this world has to offer, even though so many cruel things are happening. Although I don't like blouses with prints, this one caught my heart immediately (press here if you want to shop the blouse). Do you have small reminders which makes you realize the beauty of our world?

Lots of Love, Amira

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Hey guys, I hope you are good and enjoying the wonderful weather wherever you are. This right here is the third look I wore at the Berlin Fashion Week. I found this awesome pants literally by mistake and didn't think twice about it at all. I would definitely say, that it's the statement piece of my outfit, although it's still a very decent look (watch out for my last Fashion Week Look, in case you didn't see anything on my Instagram yet :D). I know, I know - my loafers might not be everyone's cup of tea, but would you believe me if I tell you, that I only brought one pair of sneakers with me to Fashion Week, which I didn't wear except on my travel day? Yeah, I am surprised myself, lol. Okay, now I really need to start writing my essay ;(
Lots of Love, Amira

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Hallo ihr Lieben, am vergangenen Wochenende war das Wetter hammer hier in Frankfurt. Und während die Sale-Zeit so langsam aber sicher zum Ende kommt, bin ich nochmal auf der Suche nach einigen tollen Sommerkleidern gewesen, die ich mit in den Urlaub nehmen möchte (ich hoffe das Wetter spielt mit :D) Für mich ist es wichtig, dass ein Sommerkleid nicht nur gut ausschaut, sondern gemütlich ist und ich nicht ständig daran herumziehen muss, damit alles dort bleibt wo es bleiben soll. Ob einfarbig oder bunt, Hauptsache es gefällt und ist nicht so dick, sondern schön luftig. Mit Accessoires wie Taschen, Sonnenbrillen, Ketten oder einem tollen Kopschmuck, kann man jedes Kleid schön in Szene setzen. Am einfachsten ist es, wenn man eine gewisse Vorstellung hat, wie das Kleid ungefähr aussehen soll, dann kann man sich zum Beispiel online, ganz entspannt auf die Suche machen.

Bei Netzshopping  kann man es sich ziemlich einfach machen, indem man einen Suchbegriff, in meinem Fall Sommerkleider, eingibt. Diese Kleider kann man dann eingrenzen. Ich trage hauptsächlich Maxikleider oder lange Sommerkleider und damit ich nicht jedes Kleid einzeln anklicken muss, grenze ich mir diese zwei Kategorien mit einem Filter (links) ein. Und damit ich nicht schon wieder dieselben Sachen shoppe, grenze ich mir ebenfalls die Farben ein und versuche somit nicht in Versuchung zu kommen erneut ein schwarzes oder blaues Kleid zu kaufen (meine absoluten Lieblingsfarben :D). Wenn man gezielter shoppen möchte, kann man selbst die Lieblingsmarke eingrenzen (dieses Tool hilft, wenn man nach einem speziellen Kleid sucht, allerdings nicht, wenn man sich von allen Kleidern die es gibt inspirieren lassen will. Ich finde es super, dass ich sowohl das Material, aus dem der Stoff sein soll, auswählen kann, als auch ob ich ein Kleid mit Muster oder Prints haben möchte. So vereinfache ich mir die Suche nach dem perfekten Sommerkleid allemal. Worauf achtet ihr bei der Suche nach dem "perfekten" Sommerkleid?
Liebe Grüße, Amira

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Hey guys, in case you are wondering: yes, I did take a looooot of pictures during Berlin Fashion Week and I hope you are not bored yet, because there are a few looks on the way. I knew, that I won't be able to take pictures during the last weeks of the Semester, that's why I took some pictures in advance, so that I won't have to stop blogging during exams time. This is one of my favorite looks, I don't even  know why, It might be, because I love wearing long layering looks. Layering can make an outfit look so different and special. I don't even care about wearing it only during winter time, because it looks awesome during summer too. My blue shades are basically giving me life, lol. I don't know if you guys noticed, but I loooove wearing all kind of shades during summer. One reason is that, they look so cool and I love matching them to my outfits and another reason is, I'm waaaay too lazy to wear any kind of make up, lol. How about you, are you a fan of shades during summer?

XO, Amira :*

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Hey guys, I thought about writing some posts in English now, because so many people asked me to write a post they can actually fully understand. Writing in English is cool for me, but German is my strong suit, I'm sure you guys can relate :D. So this is the first Look I wore in Berlin. The weather was perfect for a kimono. As I already told you in my previous post, this won't be the last time you'll see me wearing a kimono this summer. I just love the way you can wear them to almost everything. You can get the kimono I am wearing, if you press right here (it's on sale right now 13€, how awesome is that :o). In case you wonder where I left my sneakers, I love wearing my Birkenstock shoes during summer. Even though I like normal sandals too, Birkenstock shoes are the true definition of a comfortable summer shoe in my opinion. I figured that a lot of you guys didn't like the shoe last year, did you change your mind this year?
Lots of Love, Amira

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