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Hey guys, I hope all of you had a wonderful week. It's almost the end of the semester here that means I have so much work to do, even though I don't have a lot of courses currently. The weather is a huge problem for me creating outfit pictures as well, but you might already know that creating pictures are a part of my everyday struggle, lol. Anyways, I took some pictures with my new favorite teddy coat. I know, you saw this a lot during this winter, but I still need to show you one more look lol. I combined the teddy coat with an embroided white long top. I'm still in with love embroided cloths this year lol. If you take a look down below, you will see my new favorite watch, which I received from Brandfield. It was quite hard to decide which watch I want to try out but at the end I chose the brand Rosefield. I am wearing the type "Upper East Side Mother of Pearl Silver". What I really love about this watch is that it's not heavy at all. A lot of my watches become annoying after a while, because they are super heavy. That's why this watch is one of my favorite right now. I honestly can't wait for the new, warmer season. That's when my sneaker season starts. I couldn't wait for so long. This is the first winter of me wearing sneakers. It's such a dangerous game lol. Puddles everywhere. We all know that puddles are the most dangerous thing for sneaker lol. Back to my watch collection. Would you guys like a complete presentation of my watches? I never did a post like that, it might interest you. Just leave a comment down below and I'll figure out how or when I can do that. 
With Love, Amira

Watch (HERE)
Teddy Coat (HERE)
Blouse (HERE)
Bag (HERE)
Pants (HERE)
Shoes (HERE)
In a friendly cooperation with Brandfield*

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